Dear Emmanuel Olawale, Esq.:

“This is a word of thanks and appreciation for all that you did and continue to do for us, not forgetting your tender heart of genuine love, concern, generosity, courage, unrivaled expertise, boldness, yet respectful presentation of the law in my removal proceedings. You approached the different aspects of my case (lots of trips to Cleveland, writings and responses to letters and briefs) in a timely manner, never missing a deadline.


You boldly challenged the Government (DHS/ICE, Office of Chief Counsel and the USCIS local field office) when they revoked my approved visa and sought to take away from me the relief granted by the Immigration Judge. You fought relentlessly, presenting excellent briefs and convincing factual and legal arguments until you won all the appeals. You prevailed on the appeal filed by the DHS/ICE Office of Chief Counsel challenging the Immigration Judge’s decision; you also won the appeal you filed challenging the decision of the USCIS Columbus field office director revoking my visa after approval.


Your willingness to work with me and my wife as far as payments of your reasonable attorney’s fees was a big surprise to us as the case dragged on for years.


Lastly, though the proceedings seemed like long, unending series of battles, you patiently stood by us and finally saw us through all the proceedings victoriously. Please keep on with your good work.


Oh! how I wish we can raise a platform to announce your name and your august law firm to multitudes. I will continue to to recommend your great services to others. Unfortunately, my wife and I want to stay anonymous because of the nature of our case. We hope you wouldn’t mind our discreetness.” Your Grateful Clients.