Olawale Scholarship Aids New Americans Studying Law at Capital

Emmanuel Olawale Headshot

The Olawale Scholarship Aids New Americans Studying Law at Capital


The Emmanuel Olawale Scholarship for New Americans at Capital University


The Emmanuel Olawale Law Scholarship for New Americans will give preference to incoming Capital University Law School students who have participated in the immigration process themselves or have parents or grandparents who did.


“Education is empowering,” says Olawale, who is a native of Lagos, Nigeria. “Education is a great equalizer. It opens doors that wouldn’t exist without it. I hope this scholarship will attract new Americans to study law. Few immigrants consider law as a career.”


Olawale attended Capital University Law School as a day student while juggling full-time jobs while attending classes.


“I think Capital is one of those institutions that built me. It’s my foundation.”


As a result, Olawale wants to ensure that he helps others achieve their dream of becoming lawyers, and he encourages his fellow alumni to do the same. “There’s no better time to do the right or good thing than now,” he says. “Pay it forward. Sustain the institution that made you. Make sure that all those coming behind us get the same opportunity.”


His hope is that the Olawale Law Scholarship will break barriers, encourage new Americans and support future leaders.


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