Immigration Appeals

Immigration Appeals

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Immigration policy is a complicated and ever-changing thing influenced by global political factors, judicial decisions made over time and across states, legislation, and more. If you need guidance and counseling about your immigration status, contact us at the Olawale Law Firm.

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    Oftentimes, the denial or revocation of your petition for immigration status can be appealed. The notice of intent to deny or denial notice outlines the reason a case is denied or about to be denied.

    If you receive a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID), Notice of Intent to Terminate (NOIT), or Denial Decision you should contact Olawale Law Firm to discuss the merits of responding or appealing your case.

    Appealing Your Decision

    Depending on your case, your immigration decision may be appealed as follows:

    Administrative Appeals Office. This agency within the USCIS has jurisdiction over cases USCIS has denied or revoked.

    Board of Immigration Appeals. This agency within the Executive Office for Immigration Review reviews decisions of immigration courts. It also reviews some decisions of the USCIS. Most applications that appear before this board are family-based preference petitions.

    Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals. Employers can seek review before this board if an application submitted by the Department of Labor on behalf of an employment-based Green Card petition is denied.

    Motion to reopen or reconsider. This allows you or your attorney to present additional facts, case law, and more to the United States government to request that your case be reviewed and a new decision be made.

    *However, motions must be filed within 30 days of a case being decided, so contact us today to begin your appeal process.

    Filing a Writ of Mandamus

    If your immigration case has become stalled by bureaucratic forces or intentional oversight, you may be entitled to a writ of mandamus being filed on your behalf. This civil action will compel the government to consider your case. While a writ of mandamus does not ensure an outcome in your favor, it does show initiative and require the government to, quite simply, do its job. Writs of mandamus are complicated and not the right move in every single immigration appeal. You should only file one with the help of an experienced law firm such as Olawale Law Firm.

    Why Choose Olawale Law Firm?

    An experienced, and professional immigration attorney who cares about your individual story can be the thing that makes your attempt to appeal an immigration decision a success.

    We have the background and drive required to advocate for you.

    Olawale helps with the following:

    -determining or establishing your eligibility

    -filing relevant forms on your behalf and paying their fees

    -gathering documentation that supports your appeal

    -addressing obstacles that may arise due to bureaucratic difficulties

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    If you would like more information on how Olawale Law Firm can help with your immigration appeal case, contact us today, so we can talk more about your case. We are here to help formulate strategies that are honest, effective, and proven to succeed in your immigration case.

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