Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Immigration Law with a PERSONAL TOUCH

If you are an international student, a foreign guest worker, or a family member of an immigrant who wants to live and work in the United States, you need an immigration lawyer with experience and one you can trust.

Becoming a legal U.S. resident is a complex process, and applying for a visa involves passing all security and medical checks, making sure that all documents are correct, paying any applicable fees, and having a successful immigration interview. Olawale Law Firm is here to help you with all these things and more.

Our immigration law firm can help you with immigration and naturalization issues, which can be intimidating and difficult to navigate. The effort of experienced immigration attorneys can spell the difference between the approval or denial of your case. That is where our immigration team comes in.

If you’ve been searching for the best immigration lawyer near you, look no further than Olawale Law Firm. We are here to guide you with all your immigration needs every step of the way. We take great pride in our personalized approach because it allows us to better help our clients with their green card, deportation, and naturalization inside and outside the United States.

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    Why Olawale as your Family Immigration Lawyer?

    Immigration Lawyers that will be there for your family

    Our immigration law firm consists of attorneys with firsthand experience with the U.S. immigration system. They’re not only qualified to help because of their credentials, but they also know what it’s like to go through it all. For us, it’s very personal.

    Our highly skilled immigration attorneys have either been through the process themselves or assisted their family members. We know how stressful this can be, so we strive to make it as manageable and seamless as possible for the people who need our help — because many of us have been there before. We are the best lawyers suitable for your immigration case because we understand your immigration problems and because Olawale Law Firm is an immigrant-owned law firm.

    Olawale Law Firm is Here to Help with your Immigration Needs

    Emmanuel Olawale is a first-generation immigrant who worked his way up to become an attorney providing legal services to a diverse community of clients. He has even authored a book related to his journey: “The Flavor of Favor: Quest for the American Dream, A Memoir.”

    Having assisted more than 6,000 clients with their green card, deportation, and naturalization, Olawale Law Firm is committed to helping people. He is a cultural translator, a bridge between the immigrant community and mainstream America.

    Our mission is to give every immigration case the special care and attention it deserves. Listen and read testimonials of clients we have assisted with their immigration needs.

    Our immigration attorneys have experience in the Columbus, OH area, as well as in other states across the U.S. Apart from that, we have also represented clients from different countries all over Africa, Europe, South America, and Asia. You can rest assured that wherever you’re coming from, our immigration lawyers bring a wealth of knowledge to every case.

    Why is Having an Immigration Lawyer in Columbus Important?

    Immigration law is an area of practice that covers a broad spectrum of issues. It deals with the rights and privileges our government provides to foreign individuals or citizens who wish to immigrate to the United States. It also deals with how they are treated under U.S. immigration laws when they come here.

    Olawale Law Firm can help alleviate some of the pressure that comes along with moving to another country by ensuring our clients understand all of their rights and responsibilities as immigrants in this country. Having experienced immigration lawyers who understand you as an immigrant and also understand US immigration law is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.

    Our immigration law firm can help provide representation for your application and all paperwork involved. We do the best on your behalf and ensure fair representation for your deportation and removal proceedings, including immigration appeals. Having the best immigration lawyer on your side throughout all this guarantees peace of mind while going through a challenging process.

    How Much are Lawyers for Family Immigration Cases?

    The immigration process in itself can be costly, and you’re probably wondering how much it will cost to get legal assistance. Immigration attorneys use various fee structures. Some may charge per hour, while others may base it on a specific task you need help with. Standard fees usually cover the initial consultation and all succeeding legal services after the first meeting.

    The cost of an immigration lawyer on an hourly basis ranges from $200 to $400. The same rate may apply to the initial consultation that could last up to 45 minutes. A family-based immigration case may cost anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000, which may go up depending on the complexities of the case and the stage.

    Immigration Lawyers that get the job doneWhat Areas of Immigration Law Can Olawale Law Firm Help With?

    Olawale Law firm has a wide range of experience in various types of immigration law cases. We have helped several clients achieve their goals with these different aspects of immigration.

    Green Card

    Our dedicated immigration lawyers help clients with green cards and visas for their current or future spouse and also the biological or adopted children of U.S. citizens or green card holders. We also assist with preparation for the immigration interviews and provide professional representation at the immigration interviews.

    In addition, we assist clients with the petition to remove conditional residency to enable them to obtain 10 year green cards.

    Employment Authorizations

    We assist individuals in obtaining employment authorizations, green cards, deferred action (DACA) for DREAMers, as well as other immigration benefits.


    We offer assistance to permanent residents seeking to become naturalized U.S citizens. When it comes to naturalization, we help with the application process and guide clients through the interview process.


    Our immigration attorneys represent clients in deportation or removal proceedings and immigration appeals. We have a high success rate with numerous clients all over the country.

    Immigration Appeals

    We have a proven track record with appealing cases before the Board of Immigration Appeals. Our immigration appeals lawyers will give you the representation you need when it comes to the re-examination of cases.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is family-based immigration in the United States?

    Family-based immigration refers to the process of foreign nationals obtaining permanent residency or green cards in the United States through close family relationships with US citizens or permanent residents.

    Who can sponsor a family member for immigration to the US?

    US citizens and lawful permanent residents (green card holders) can sponsor certain family members for immigration to the US.

    Which family members can be sponsored for US immigration?

    US citizens can sponsor their spouses, parents, children (both married and unmarried), and siblings. Lawful permanent residents can sponsor their spouses and unmarried children.

    Are there any limits on the number of family-based green cards issued each year?

    Yes, there are annual numerical limits for certain categories of family-based green cards. Immediate relatives of US citizens have unlimited visas available, but other categories have limited numbers.

    Is there a waiting period for family-based immigration?

    Yes, there can be waiting periods for family-based immigration, especially for certain categories with high demand. The wait times can vary based on the relationship and the applicant’s country of origin.

    What is the process for sponsoring a family member for US immigration?

    The process generally involves filing a petition with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), providing supporting documents, and going through a series of steps such as background checks, medical examinations, and interviews.

    Can a green card holder sponsor their parents for US immigration?

    No, green card holders cannot sponsor their parents. Only US citizens can sponsor their parents for immigration.

    Can a US citizen sponsor their same-sex spouse for immigration?

    Yes, since the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States, US citizens can sponsor their same-sex spouses for immigration, just like opposite-sex spouses.

    What is the difference between immediate relatives and preference categories?

    Immediate relatives, including spouses, parents, and unmarried children under 21 of US citizens, have unlimited visas available and do not face annual numerical limits. Preference categories include other family relationships and have limited visas available each year.

    Can a US citizen sponsor their married child for immigration?

    Yes, US citizens can sponsor their married children, but the process falls under a preference category with limited visas, and the waiting times can be longer.

    Can a US citizen sponsor their adopted child for immigration?

    Yes, US citizens can sponsor their adopted children as long as the adoption meets certain requirements under US immigration law.

    How is fault determined in a personal injury case?

    Fault is typically determined by examining the evidence, witness statements, expert opinions, and applicable laws. It is important to establish that the defendant’s negligence caused your injuries.

    Can a green card holder sponsor their unmarried child for immigration?

    Yes, green card holders can sponsor their unmarried children, but the process falls under a preference category with limited visas, and the waiting times can be longer.

    Can a US citizen sponsor their grandparents for immigration?

    No, US citizens cannot directly sponsor their grandparents for immigration. The sponsorship is limited to certain immediate family members.

    Can a US citizen sponsor their cousin for immigration?

    No, US citizens cannot directly sponsor their cousins for immigration. The sponsorship is limited to certain immediate family members.

    Can a US citizen sponsor their sibling's spouse for immigration?

    No, US citizens cannot directly sponsor their sibling’s spouse. The sponsorship is limited to certain immediate family members.

    Can a US citizen sponsor their stepchild for immigration?

    Yes, a US citizen can sponsor their stepchild for immigration as long as the marriage creating the stepparent/stepchild relationship occurred before the stepchild turned 18.

    Can a US citizen sponsor their fiancé(e) for immigration?

    Yes, a US citizen can sponsor their fiancé(e) for immigration through the K-1 visa process, which allows the fiancé(e) to enter the US and get married within a specified time frame.

    Is there a difference in the processing time for family-based immigration depending on the family relationship?

    Yes, the processing time can vary depending on the family relationship and the demand for visas in that category. Immediate relatives of US citizens generally have shorter processing times compared to preference categories, which can have longer wait times.


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