Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a difficult and sensitive topic. Victims need compassion and understanding, as well as legal help. Too often, sexual abuse victims are not given the support they need. They are left feeling alone and scared.

The Olawale Law Firm is here to help victims of sexual abuse. We have years of experience dealing with sexual assault cases in Columbus, Ohio. Our compassionate staff will support you through this difficult time and we will work to get you the justice you deserve.

    Your Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Columbus, OH

    Many people are unaware of the lasting effects that sexual abuse can have on their lives. If you’re a victim, don’t hesitate to contact us for help! The sexual assault lawyers at Olawale Law Firm are dedicated to helping survivors of sexual abuse. We work hard to protect the rights and provide services for those who were abused.

    We know from experience in working these types of cases that it can be difficult to find justice when you need help dealing with trauma. That’s why our sex crimes lawyer advocates fight for clients who have been through severe abuse. We seek justice on behalf of their healing process by securing compensation awards in civil lawsuits.

    We work tirelessly toward this goal every day because we believe all people deserve peace, especially if they’ve undergone unimaginable cruelty. We know the emotional and psychological trauma of sexual abuse. We work with our clients to make their experience as comfortable, safe, informative, and empowering for them as possible.

    The More Common Sexual Abuse Cases

    According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), two in every three women and one in five men are victims of sexual assault during their lives. These cases often involve coercion, aggression, or other tactics that can take away the victim’s ability to say no, known as “acquaintance rape” or date rape.

    There are a wide variety of cases which our office handles. Sexual abuse can happen everywhere, from the home to school or church, and this is something we see far too common. You might be asking yourself, “What are some common sexual abuse cases?” Below are some examples of cases our lawyers have tackled:

    Non-Consensual or Physical Abuse

    Sexual abuse is more than just words. It can result in physical injuries or bruises, too. Sexual abuse can include any forced sexual contact, including touching, kissing, caressing, molestation, and rape. Domestic shelters for rape or sexual assault victims are available in Ohio and can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sexual abuse is not limited to adults, either. Anyone of any age can be abused. Additionally, it’s not limited to strangers. Often, victims are abused by someone they trust, like a family member or significant other. It can be particularly traumatizing for the victim because of the lasting damage it does to their ability to trust others.

    Trust Position

    Sexual abuse can also come from someone in a position of power or trust. Sexual abuse by someone the victim knows and trusts is still sexual abuse. Sexual abuse doesn’t necessarily mean that intercourse happened; it can be anything from fondling to exposure. Sexual abuse can also happen between two consenting adults, even if they are dating or married. It can be particularly devastating because the victim will often feel like it was somehow their fault, even if they were flirting or willingly participating in other sexual activity. This happens especially often in cases involving intoxication.

    Psychological Abuse

    Sexual abuse doesn’t always have to be physical. Sexual abuse can consist of anything from taking pornographic images or having explicit conversations to touching, exposing oneself, masturbation in front of the victim, forcing sex with someone else, and more. Sexual abuse can happen to anyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, or race. Sexual abuse is a very serious crime and should be taken seriously no matter the circumstances. This is ultimately the goal of our firm. We work hard to protect victims who have been through severe abuse or suffering so they can have a new life free from suffering because it only makes the world less safe for everyone else.

    We Protect the Rights of the Sexually Abused

    People who have been sexually abused need to realize that their experience was not their fault. They should be supported rather than blamed by members of society.

    Children are often the victims of sexual abuse. Statistics show that most cases involving minors involve someone they know well, and it may take months or even years before they have enough courage to discuss their situations with anyone else besides family members who also might be involved in an inappropriate relationship with this person.

    You shouldn’t let your child’s vulnerability slow down any progress towards recovery. We want all our clients to feel safe when coming forward. We know that each case is handled differently and we want to be an ally to those that seek recovery.

    We Hold Abusers Accountable

    If you’re suffering from any form of abuse, no amount can ever compensate for the pain and suffering that victims endure. However, we also understand those who commit crimes must be held accountable. Their actions have lasting impacts on innocent people’s lives, which is why Olawale Law Firm will always do everything in your best interest while still demanding accountability in return.

    As a sexual abuse victim, you shouldn’t have to go through the legal process independently. A sexual assault victim lawyer is here to guide you through every step of your case. Give us a call today so we can help bring some measure of justice after being wrongfully victimized by someone else’s crime.

    We Offer Free Consultations for Sexual Abuse Victims

    The Olawale Law firm is here to help guide you through the process of recovering from sexual abuse, giving you assurance in knowing that your legal rights will be protected as you heal, whether the defendant is a family member, friend, acquaintance, teacher or priest. We help victims stand up against abuse perpetrated by staff of institutions and organizations such as schools, churches, universities, Boys Scouts of America and others.

    Sexual abuse cases can be difficult to comprehend, and many abuse victims feel as if someone else’s actions have violated them. Assault lawyers that work with Olawale Law Firm will provide you with advice from a legal perspective so you can focus on your own personal healing. We offer a free consultation, so please give us a call today!

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