My mother and I came to the United states in 2004 as visitors. My father had abandoned me and my mother. As such my mother has been the only support I have in my life. After arrival, I attended High School for 4 years and graduated in 2009 . After graduation I couldn’t take my education further because of my immigration status. It was painful and sad seeing my mates going to colleges, and not being able to apply or go too, but I kept myself strong by encouraging myself and telling myself that all will be well…


A year later my mother got married to my step-father. After their successful wedding, my father tried to help me and my mother to adjust our statuses in the U.S. When it came to that point, my family and I consulted one lawyer and all he could say to me was that there was no way out for me, no remedy to my situation and that there was nothing he could do to help me. He said that I was too old for my step-father to step up for me and help me in my situation. When I heard that from him, it just broke my heart and I lost all hope and I started wondering what my next step in life would be without a legal immigration status in the U.S. However, the lawyer gave me some other options, all of which were not in my best interest.


Not until I met the wonderful attorney Emmanuel was my hope restored , I was introduced to him by a family friend, when my mother had explained my case to that man the man said “ you should’t worry” and that he was going to introduce us to a great attorney called Emmanuel.


When I met Emmanuel and explained my situation to him, he made a statement that lifted my spirit, he said “don’t worry, you’ll get your status adjusted so that you can go to school.” When he had said that, it brought this great joy within my spirit and it made my heart believe that that there was some hope for me.


I started the process on September 14, 2011. Everything seemed to be working out fast and smoothly from the time I applied. During the month of October I was called for a finger printing , and by God’s grace everything went well and by the time I realized a few days later, I received my employment authorization. It got to a point that I was thinking that may be I was dreaming because the way things were beginning to work out, it almost seemed to be a dream. On November 29, 2011, I had my interview. The interview process itself came and went so fast with few questions. The interviewer told me that my application would be approved. Hearing that, I did not know if I should scream, shout or cry out of immense joy and happiness. Six days later I received my Green Card in the mail. All that came to my mind at that time was that I’ll finally go to school and finally going to achieve my future goals without having anything blocking my way. The whole process took less than three months, what seems impossible for seven years.


I thank God for giving me a wonderful attorney known as Emmanuel. If I had not met him when I did, and waited additional three months, I would have been over age and lost the opportunity to get my Green Card through my father. Also, he was so supportive and encouraging while my application was pending. He would call to check up on me making sure that I still kept myself strong. I thank God for his life everyday for the great job that he does and for the help he gives to people who are in need.