Emmanuel Olawale is a household name in the totality and veracity of that expression. We highly recommend him and his legal professionalism to all and sundry. It took us seven years between 2003 and 2010 to finally see the light in the dark tunnel of our Green Card journey. Our original application was denied the first time in 2006 despite the fact that we thought we had a great entry into the US as well as a great immigration law firm in Cincinnati in our corner…


Navigating through the murky waters of incessant Employment Authorizations coupled with several Biometrical invitations to the well-known office downtown, with several thousands of Dollars expended at the end of the day, we somehow felt the need to change lawyers and Emmanuel Olawale was the first name that jumped to mind.


We contacted him and he put pen to paper and put his mouth where his money was equally worth; we refiled for the Green Card and we got it exactly 7 months later. So what took us 7 seven years to not get in our first painful try, we received in 7 quick months through Emmanuel Olawale.


Now we know better, that, there are really no big names out there because we found our “big name” right here in the city of Columbus. THE OLAWALE LAW FIRM IS THE NEW BIG NAME when it comes to intractable immigration issues. Emmanuel Olawale is our household name when it comes to USCIS matters. He can be yours too.


You will get a lot more than his asking fee. You’ll get friendship, truth and assurance. And when Emmanuel says your case is “personal,” you better believe him. You can take that to the bank! This man knows the law and the law knows him. Trust us, there are very few attorneys in town that fit into that legal bracket of a result-oriented law practice.


WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS LAWYER TO YOU. Trust us when we say it- he’ll add value to your life!