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The Olawale Law Firm is the best law firm in the Columbus, OH and Franklin County, OH areas.  We are dedicated to providing the top legal services possible in personal injury and immigration law. We know things like personal injury or car accidents can cause major disruption to your life, from financial loss to physical and emotional trauma or pain, and we ensure you are properly compensated for it.

At Olawale Law Firm, we understand and have compassion for immigration law whether you are facing deportation or need assistance in getting your citizenship we are here to help.

Legal counsel for Columbus residents for years has been a priority and are ready to assist you. Below is a list of legal services that we can assist you with today!

Don’t struggle with a personal injury or immigration challenge, let the team at Olawale represent you and fight for your claim!

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    Personal Injury

    The Olawale Law Firm offers legal services to clients like you who need a competent personal injury attorney in Columbus, Ohio. Personal injury can cause a major disruption in life, whether in the form of financial loss, physical pain or disability, or emotional trauma. That is why our attorneys are focused on helping our clients through their pain with compassion while seeking justice.

    If you have experienced personal injury in Columbus, OH, consider requesting the professional assistance of the Olawale legal team. Our skilled personal injury attorneys are prepared to handle your personal injury claims with professionalism and excellence.
    Our law firm is committed to taking a personal approach in representing our clients. We are dedicated to helping you obtain the fair compensation that you deserve.

    We are ready to fight for you and your claim!

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    Car Accidents

    Car Accident

    Car Accident Attorneys in Columbus

    Car accidents can cause numerous issues with physical health and finances. Having a competent legal team on your side to guide you through your case can be critical to obtaining the compensation you deserve. Columbus, OH car accident attorneys from Olawale Law Firm are committed to you and will fight for your rights – with a focus on getting the best possible outcome.

    An accident that leaves you injured can put you into a state of financial crisis. Car accidents can lead to mounting hospital bills, time away from work, and the sudden need to make changes to your life. While you may be coping with the emotional and physical injuries and dealing with insurance companies, the Olawale Law Firm in Columbus is here to guide you through the process of your case.

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    Sexual Abuse

    Female Consulting Someone

    Sexual Abuse Attorneys in Columbus

    Many people are unaware of the lasting effects that sexual abuse can have on their lives. If you’re a victim, don’t hesitate to contact us for help! The sexual assault lawyers at Olawale Law Firm in Columbus, OH are dedicated to helping survivors of sexual abuse. We work hard to protect the rights and provide services for those who were abused.

    We know from experience in working these types of cases that it can be difficult to find justice when you need help dealing with trauma. That’s why our sex crimes lawyer advocates fight for clients who have been through severe abuse. We seek justice on behalf of their healing process by securing compensation awards in civil lawsuits.

    We work tirelessly toward this goal every day because we believe all people deserve peace, especially if they’ve undergone unimaginable cruelty. We know the emotional and psychological trauma of sexual abuse. We work with our clients to make their experience as comfortable, safe, informative, and empowering for them as possible.

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    Student Rights

    Student Outside of School

    Student Rights Attorneys in Columbus

    Even though our Constitutional rights may protect students as they enter the school doors, teachers or administrators can sometimes violate these rights. It is the responsibility of the school to create a safe educational environment for its students. Any student or parent of a student that has experienced violation of their rights in Columbus, OH should not feel alone.

    If you are a parent, don’t let your child’s vulnerability keep you from taking action. We want all our clients to feel safe when coming forward. We serve as an ally to those that seek legal assistance.

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    Nursing Home Negligence

    Nursing Home Resident

    Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys in Columbus

    At Olawale Law Firm, we believe that your elderly loved ones deserve the utmost attention and care when they stay in nursing homes. We view our nursing home clients in Columbus as an extension of our own family. That’s why we help them get justice for abuse they experienced and to safeguard them from encountering future abuse at the hands of nursing home staff.

    We obtain financial compensation for victims of nursing home abuse and negligence.

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    Medical Negligence/Malpractice

    Medical Procedure

    Medical Negligence/Malpractice Attorneys in Columbus 

    Our medical malpractice lawyers in Columbus can handle your medical malpractice lawsuit if your health was negatively affected by negligent healthcare treatment.

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    Wrongful Death

    Man in Mourning

    Wrongful Death Attorneys in Columbus

    Losing a loved one is already a devastating event, and knowing that they died because of negligence only adds to the trauma. It can also cause financial strain, especially if that person provided income for your family. In cases like this, you are entitled to financial compensation to help ease the burden.

    Securing this financial compensation entails filing a wrongful death lawsuit. At Olawale Law Firm, we have experienced and dedicated Columbus attorneys who will help you in this difficult time. We offer comprehensive legal assistance and representation to get the compensation you deserve.

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    Civil Rights

    Woman in Scarf
    Civil Rights Attorneys in Columbus

    Columbus residents are guaranteed civil rights by the Constitution at federal and state levels. When individuals are discriminated against based on age, gender, race, or religion, they are not given these basic civil rights. No one should ever be subject to an abuse of power due to inconvertible facets of their identity.

    If you feel your rights have been violated, contact a civil rights attorney in Columbus today at Olawale Law Firm. Our team of dedicated attorneys is always ready to defend your rights and get you the justice you deserve.

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    Immigration Law

    Immigration Attorneys in Columbus

    Becoming a legal U.S. resident is a complex process, and applying for a visa involves passing all security and medical checks, making sure that all documents are correct, paying any applicable fees, and having a successful immigration interview. Olawale Law Firm near Columbus is here to help you with all these things and more.

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    Exterior of Court House

    Deportation or removal proceeding is the process by which the United States federal government orders someone who is not permitted to reside in the United States to physically leave. People who do not have proper authorization or citizenship — non-citizens — are among those who may be deported, or removed, from the United States.

    Deportation can be avoided by creating a strong case for your ability to remain in the United States through various legal defenses. However, establishing such a case by yourself while dealing with the emotional pressure of this situation may seem impossible.

    Olawale Law Firm is here to stand by you throughout every step of your deportation or removal case in Columbus, OH.

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    Employment Authorizations

    Employment Offer

    At Olawale Law Firm, we assist Columbus residents looking to obtain employment authorizations, green cards, deferred action (DACA) or DREAMers, as well as other benefits of immigration.

    Our core values and experience make us the ideal immigration law firm to represent your case. Testimonies from our clients indicate why we are a law firm you can trust. Navigating immigration law and the various types of employment authorization available in the United States is difficult to do on your own without background knowledge. However, we possess the tools to fight for your rights.

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    Green Card

    Immigration Lawyer with Client

    If you’re wondering what it takes to get a Green Card, there are several different ways to obtain one. Most people apply for permanent residency status through family, employment, refugee/asylee status, or the green card lottery. However, a Green Card is also attainable through other ways if you do not identify with the situations above or you are alone in your attempt to get to the U.S.

    Retaining an experienced, professional immigration attorney in Columbus could be the thing that sets your case apart from other applications that fail to obtain permanent residency. We have the background and drive required to advocate for you.

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    Immigration Appeals

    Interior of Court Room

    Immigration policy is a complicated and ever-changing thing influenced by global political factors, judicial decisions made over time and across states, legislation, and more. If you need guidance and counseling about your immigration status, contact us at the Olawale Law Firm near Columbus, OH.

    An experienced, and professional immigration attorney who cares about your individual story can be the thing that makes your attempt to appeal an immigration decision a success.

    We have the background and drive required to advocate for you.

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    American Flag on Gray Background

    Naturalization is the process where a permanent resident, after meeting the required years of residency and other requirements, applies to become a United States citizen.

    Retaining an experienced, professional immigration attorney to represent you in Columbus could be the thing that sets your case apart from other people seeking naturalization. We have the background and drive required to advocate for you.

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