Students Rights

Students Rights

The Constitution protects students’ rights while in school, however many times teachers or school administrators do not take a student’s legal rights into consideration. Unfortunately, many students do not feel they are in a position to defend themselves. That shouldn’t be the case.

At Olawale Law Firm, we help to protect student’s rights. We fight to seek justice when a student’s rights have been violated.

    What Can Student Rights Attorneys Help With?

    Student Outside of School
    Students have many rights that protect them as long as actions are not disruptive to school. These include the right to free speech, religion, and school privacy. Below are some examples of situations when a student or parents might need to seek legal assistance:

    Abuse of Students

    Abuse of students occurs when teachers violate the rights of students or endanger their well-being or safety. These kinds of incidents are taken very seriously. Federal and state laws regulate the standards by which a school teacher is required to conduct himself/herself. Teachers who violate educational standards may be subject not only to civil but also criminal penalties.

    Sexual Abuse by Teachers

    Sexual Abuse by Teachers is a sensitive but serious topic. We help victims stand up against abuse perpetrated by staff of institutions and organizations such as schools, churches, universities, Boys Scouts of America and others.

    School Discipline

    This can relate to issues of school suspension or expulsion. An example could be long term suspensions leading to delay in a student’s progress in school or expulsion without proper cause.

    Civil Rights Violations

    It is illegal for both government and non-government employers to discriminate against an individual based on age, race, color, sex, national origin, or religion in any aspect of employment. This includes civil rights violations of students.

    Immigrant Students

    Immigration law services can support students as well. Children who are undocumented should not be denied their right to an education, and schools should never require parents to provide documentation proving their immigration status before enrolling their children in school. Furthermore, students with limited English proficiency cannot be turned away by their public schools, which must offer them language instruction.


    Schools have a responsibility to create an educational environment where students feel safe. They cannot ignore harassment because of a student’s physical appearance or behavior. Students should report any harassment or threats to a school administrator. Officials can be held legally responsible if they fail to protect students from bullying.


    Federal law prohibits public schools from discriminating against students with disabilities. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), children with disabilities are entitled to appropriate assistance.


    The issue of religion and school prayer continues to be very controversial. The First Amendment prohibits the government from establishing any particular religion. Because public schools are government entities they may not encourage, promote, endorse, or in any way direct religious activities.

    Two Young Students in Class

    We Protect the Rights of Students

    Even though our Constitutional rights may protect students as they enter the doors of school, teachers or administrators can sometimes legally restrict their rights. This happens in schools, universities, and other educational institutions.

    It is the responsibility of the school to create a safe educational environment for its students. Any student or parent of a student that feels their rights have been violated should not feel alone.

    If you are a parent, don’t let your child’s vulnerability keep you from taking action. We want all our clients to feel safe when coming forward. We serve as an ally to those that seek legal assistance.

    We Hold Abusers Accountable

    If you’re a student or parent of a student that feels your rights have been violated, you should not feel that you must fight a battle alone. At Olawale Law Firm we believe those who neglect the rights of students must be held accountable. Actions of teachers and administrators have lasting impacts on students’ lives, which is why Olawale Law Firm will always do everything in your best interest while still demanding accountability in return.

    As a student facing discrimination, abuse or other threats, you shouldn’t have to go through the legal process independently. A student rights lawyer is here to guide you through every step of your case. Give us a call today so we can help bring some measure of justice.

    We Offer Free Consultations for Students or Parents of Students

    If you believe a public school, college or university has failed to protect you or your child’s legal rights as a student, contact us for a free consultation. The Olawale Law firm will meet with you directly to discuss your individual case and determine you and your loved one’s rights. We’ll work to hold any abuser accountable and get the fairest compensation possible.

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    The Olawale Law Firm is here to walk our clients through their trying times in a path to recovery, restoration and justice. Contact us for your student law case and let us fight for you!

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