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Green Card

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If you’re wondering what it takes to get a Green Card, there are several different ways to obtain one. Most people apply for permanent residency status through family, employment, refugee/asylee status, or the green card lottery. However, a Green Card is also attainable through other ways if you do not identify with the situations above or you are alone in your attempt to get to the U.S.

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    Olawale Law firm helps apply for Green Cards in a few different ways. We are well-versed in family-based immigration law, employment-based immigration law, and refugee or asylum-based immigration law, and interview preparation. Also, we can help you in petitioning to remove conditional residency and obtaining 10-year green cards.

    Family-Based Immigration

    Our dedicated immigration lawyers help clients in applying for Green Cards and visas for their current or future spouse, as well as for the biological or adopted children of U.S. citizens or Green Card Holders.

    A petition filed by a US citizen on behalf of an immediate relative (such as a parent, spouse, or child) is one of the more common ways that people obtain citizenship or permanent residency in the United States. Olawale Law Firm will help you file a petition that will succeed in reuniting you with a loved one.

    For people dear to you who don’t qualify as immediate relatives, you must establish a chain of relations connecting you to the relative. Olawale Law Firm can help you file a petition on behalf of the unmarried child of a US citizen, the immediate relative of a permanent resident, or the sibling of a US citizen.

    Refugee, Asylum, and Other Types of Immigration

    If you’re a refugee or asylum seeker in the U.S., you can qualify for permanent residence and application for a Green Card. Contact us today to find out if you’re eligible to apply. You can discuss all available options with Olawale Law Firm.

    Interview Preparation

    Olawale Law Firm provides preparation for immigration interviews and professional representation at the immigration interviews. Our support can help make the arduous questioning process seem less overwhelming and intimidating.

    Why Choose Olawale Law?

    Retaining an experienced, professional immigration attorney could be the thing that sets your case apart from other applications that fail to obtain permanent residency. We have the background and drive required to advocate for you.

    Olawale assists with the following:

    -determining or establishing your eligibility
    -filing relevant forms on your behalf and paying their fees
    -gathering documentation that supports your case for permanent residency
    -addressing obstacles that may arise due to bureaucratic difficulties

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    If you would like more information on how Olawale Law Firm can help with your immigration needs, contact us today, so we can talk more about your case. We are here to help formulate strategies that are honest, cost-effective, and proven to succeed in your immigration case.

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