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You will have the opportunity to work closely with our experienced attorneys, gaining practical experience in various areas of law. This position is ideal for a law school student who is enrolled in an accredited law school and seeking hands-on experience in a professional legal environment. The Law Clerk will be responsible for assisting attorneys with legal research, drafting legal documents, and performing other administrative tasks as required.


● Conduct legal research using various resources, such as case law, statutes, regulations, and legal publications, to support attorneys in case preparation and strategy development.
● Assist in drafting legal documents, including briefs, memoranda, pleadings, contracts, and other legal correspondence, under the guidance and supervision of attorneys.
● Perform factual research and analysis to gather information relevant to ongoing cases, client matters, and legal issues.
● Review and summarize deposition transcripts, court records, and other discovery materials for use in case preparation and trial strategy.
● Assist in the organization and maintenance of case files, documents, and other legal materials.
● Attend client meetings, court hearings, and other legal proceedings, as required, to observe and assist attorneys.
● Provide administrative support, including managing calendars, scheduling appointments, and coordinating meetings for attorneys.
● Maintain a high level of professionalism, confidentiality, and ethical conduct in all interactions with clients, colleagues, and external stakeholders.
● Embody and promote the core values of the Olawale Law Firm, including passion for justice, compassion for clients, honesty, integrity, respect, and excellence.
● Adhere to the firm’s policies and procedures, including compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.


● Currently enrolled in an accredited law school.
● Strong academic record and demonstrated legal research and writing skills.
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
● Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced legal environment.
● Detail-oriented and highly organized, with the ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize workload effectively.
● Proficient in using legal research databases and software.
● Familiarity with legal citation formats, such as Bluebook or APA.
● Availability to commit to 40 hours per week during the summer break and 20 hours per week during the active semester.
● Demonstrated commitment to upholding ethical standards and maintaining confidentiality.
● Professional demeanor, with a strong work ethic and a genuine passion for the legal profession.

We offer a competitive compensation package and a supportive work environment that encourages professional growth and development. If you are seeking a valuable learning experience and an opportunity to contribute to a dynamic legal team, we invite you to apply for the position of Law Clerk at Olawale Law Firm.

About the Olawale Law Firm

Olawale Law Firm is a reputable and esteemed legal practice committed to providing exceptional legal services to our clients. We specialize in personal injury law and immigration law.

Our firm is built on a foundation of core values that guide our work, including passion for justice, compassion for clients, honesty, integrity, respect, and excellence. We believe in upholding the highest ethical standards while providing dedicated and personalized representation to our clients.

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